An inspirational team of health professionals are here to support and guide you through your journey to pregnancy and parenthood...


Before Beyond Birth is an educational supportive network of inspirational, holistic health care professionals working with pregnancy and newborns. We all provide different expertise and experience covering all aspects of health.


The reality of pregnancy, giving birth and beyond can often be very different to our expectations. We are here to help you manage these expectations and fully prepare you for the journey ahead both physically and emotionally.

Being parents ourselves and working closely with other parents, we have found that expecting and new parents need exactly this type of support and guidance to feel confident and empowered throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Our purpose:

Our purpose is to help many pregnant women and new parents to feel supported and empowered during their crucial first months and years with their new babies.

Something that we value highly is that everyone have different views, expectations and goals. Our aim is not to preach or to tell you whats right our wrong. Our aim is to provide you with the right information, guidance and support. We want to support you in the decisions and preferences that you have made and make this a comfortable and beneficial as possible

Why are we unique?

BBB is unique in many ways. We combine one to one support with educational seminars and social events. Because we want you to have the best experience we will tailor the content and agenda to fit with your requests and wishes. Please inform us about any topics you would like covered this year and we will do our best to fit your needs.

Who can attend our seminars?

Anyone with an interest in learning more about the journey to pregnancy, birth and beyond. The seminars will be tailored for expecting and new parents, however anyone is welcome to attend whether you are a student, a health care professional or wanting to be a parent in the future.


Before Beyond Birth was founded by Elisabeth Berg Cooper, Chiropractor and Baby Massage Instructor because of her passion for working with pregnant patients, mums and newborns. She has previously been involved in running a multidisciplinary feeding clinic in Bournemouth which inspired her to collaborate with other health care professionals


“ I love to share ideas and experience with other enthusiastic health professionals. This way we can raise our standard, grow together and provide the best support and care possible at the right time”

Connect with our team.

Please connect with us here to get more information about how our team can support and empower you. We look forward to hearing from you!















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