Elisabeth Cooper, Founder, Chiropractor and Baby Massage Instructor


Elisabeth is a Chiropractor and Baby Massage instructor at The Woodland Chiropractic Clinic in Borough Green near to Sevenoaks. She is also mother.

She loves to manage and give advice on a variety of conditions and ages. She has a special interest in helping pregnant patients, newborns and children achieve their best potential when it comes to their development, physical health and wellbeing.

Elisabeth has previously been involved in running a multidisciplinary feeding clinic in Bournemouth. She loved working alongside midwifes and lactation consultants to help mothers and babies suffering from breastfeeding difficulties. This experience enabled her to truly understand  many of the challenges that may occur before and beyond birth. It inspired her to have a main focus pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care because this is such an important time of your life in every way, both for the mother and the baby. As a result she has attended various postgraduate paediatric seminars and courses and she has even published a research article in a peer reviewed scientific journal, showing the benefits of chiropractic treatment for suboptimal breastfeeding. Read article here





Elisabeth founded Before and Beyond Birth in May 2016 as a health forum for professionals working with pregnancy, new-borns and children. Because of her passion in this field she loves to share ideas with other enthusiastic professions to raise our standard, grow together, spread love and knowledge to the community.

“As a chiropractor I love to continually grow and develop my skills and knowledge, so I can help my patients by giving them the best care possible”










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