Helen Merati, Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach and Independent Consultant with Arbonne



Helen is a trainee Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach and an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International.

Good health is fundamental to everything we do. And as a a public health professional with a keen interest in health promotion, Helen wants to help people – especially parents – to develop the passion and confidence they need to invest in the health of themselves and their families.

She aims to work with her clients in a supportive, nurturing way and is keen to help them work out what they want from their lives, consider how their holistic health goals can support that, and then work with them to achieve those goals.

Having worked corporately in international public health for over 10 years and more recently in the NHS, Helen understands the pressures of being a working parent growing a family, while also building and maintaining a career and professional satisfaction.

Helen chose to join and promote Arbonne products specifically as she loves what the company and its history represents – an opportunity for ordinary people to do extraordinary things in striving to be their best. Arbonne skincare, hair care, cosmetics and nutrition products are cutting edge, pure, safe, beneficial AND vegan and gluten free. Which means they’re great for everyone.

More and more products in today’s society contain ingredients that may interfere with our natural hormonal balance. This is particularly important to avoid before and beyond birth, to ensure the best development for your baby. The Arbonne product range definitely has something for everyone, from the ABC baby care range up to the flagship and multiple award-winning RE9 anti-aging range.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, she is a huge fan of all the ranges! Not least as they all – including the cosmetics range – nourish and strengthen the body. The nutrition supplements, protein shakes and sports nutrition for example, have helped to transform her health and all support her love of exercise.

She would love to hear from you and offers a free 30 minute holistic lifestyle and health coaching consultation


http://helenmerati.arbonne.com/Holistic lifestyle health coach .png

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