Ashleigh Shea -Maternity & Newborn Photographer.


Ashleigh is a photographer in Orpington, Bromley specialising in newborn photography, whilst newborns are her special interest, she also follows their journey to sitting, 1st year & beyond.


Ashleigh has trained with two newborn photography specialists in order to be able to safely handle & pose the gorgeous babies that visit her studio.
She has been photographing newborns for almost 4 years & her passion for her job grows with each session she shoots. Her sessions are nice & relaxed & totally based around what each of her clients want, whether that be a session at the studio or in the woods or even a trip to lavender fields or the beach. She aim to capture moments & memories for you to treasure. 



Ashleigh has two daughters & feels that having gone through birth really helps her to understand what her clients are going through & finds she can connect with them on a deeper level. She also finds new parents like that she’s a parent herself & feel confident in her handling of their baby.


Ashleigh Shea Photography - Jacob - Newborn 027


For more information please visit Ashleighs website

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