Nicola Warran -Maternity Reflexologist

Nicola Warran

Nicola is a Reflexologist, specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy and stress related conditions.

Nicola has been practising Reflexology for over 13 years and trained in maternity reflexology with the, now retired, world renowned Susanne Enzer.  She is a Fellow member of the Association of Reflexologists and registered on the Maternity Reflexology Consortium.

Nicola is extremely passionate about the benefits of reflexology both before and during pregnancy, something she experienced herself during her own pregnancies.  In understanding the link between stress and infertility Nicola has offered Reflexology to many women (and men) over the past 13 years and helped many, many women achieve the pregnancy they dreamed of and also supported many others through their IVF journey.  The benefits of reflexology include hormonal balancing, calming and relaxing, lymphatic drainage and soothing often very sore feet!

She is also a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist, after gaining a two year Practitioner Diploma with the College of Naturopathic Nutrition in 2002, with a very strong interest in healthy eating and lifestyles, and particularly gut related conditions.  Her strong interest in the gut and its correlation to all other areas of health within the body has led her to study this area extensively and she has recently completed a two year course in the principles of Functional Medicine and is now a qualified Hompes Method Practitioner.

Nicola offers both mobile home visits throughout the Bromley and Lewisham boroughs and sessions in Bromley, BR1.  

You can contact Nicola on 0208 698 8725 or

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