Elizabeth Nadine, Pilates & Yoga teacher


Elizabeth is a Pilates and Yoga teacher (in both vinyasa flow and hatha yoga). She has a special interest in teaching pregnancy and post-natal Pilates and has over 8 years experience in this specialist area.

Elizabeth is extremely passionate about helping women during and after their pregnancy and has worked extensively with pregnant and post-partum clients. She finds teaching antenatal and postnatal Pilates very rewarding, as the benefits to her clients are so profound. When performed correctly, Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise.

It is so amazing what a woman’s body does during pregnancy, but pregnancy certainly takes its toll on the body, not only during pregnancy but also post pregnancy.   Elizabeth loves helping her clients during their pregnancy to feel their best and also help them to reduce and recover from the stresses and strains placed on their body. Strong core abdominals are extremely important because they help to support the weight of the growing baby and reduce the strain on the lower back. Post pregnancy, she helps her clients to re-strengthen the core abdominals, reduce backache, improve posture, aid relaxation and increase postnatal recovery. It is important that Pilates exercises are performed correctly – Elizabeth is hot on technique and alignment of the body, emphasising that it is important to train the abdominals.

In addition, she believes that it is so important that women take some time for themselves. Women by their very nature are very giving and caring and as a result can deplete themselves. Her pregnancy and postnatal classes allow women to have that special and sacred hour to them – tending to their own precious mind, body and soul.

Elizabeth Nadine Yoga & Pilates



T:07980 305276


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