Thoughts…and happy parents

Have you ever considered how automatic your thinking patterns are…. and how helpful or not, these patterns might be? The evidence for being mindful and thinking optimistically in helping you to achieve more in live, feel fulfilled, happy, and even live longer, is abundant.

I’ve read lots around this subject in recent years and it is helping me to expand my perspective…to understand more about the world we live in, my own world and how these two bubbles fuse and interact.


“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today

The most obvious trigger for my interest in this area was becoming a parent. When my daughter arrived I started questioning and looking for more answers…And through reading and learning I’ve gradually become more aware of my behaviours and thought patterns, as well as the language I use to express myself. I now see how observant and receptive to information, energy and feelings children are and how influential we are as parents in nourishing our children’s emotional and spiritual as well as physical and intellectual worlds. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to be ‘my best’ for my daughter so that she has a strong role model growing up. This sense of responsibility can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming though, and as if I’m striving for perfection all the time.

But I realised only recently, that for her, the best I can be, is to be happy. When she sees me happy, she is happy. When I laugh, so does she. When I’m present with her I’m the best role model I could ever be and it’s the best gift I could ever give to her. Such a simple thing but it’s taken me years to understand. And of course being present is so much easier said than done given the various demands on our time in an ever ‘busy’ society. But now that the penny has dropped for me I have even more incentive to be there and the more I am, the easier it gets.

Helen Merati


Footnote: The power of thought is one of the areas I’m currently exploring as part of my own health journey on my path to becoming a holistic lifestyle coach. Here are just a few articles, book and audio I found interesting reading:

2 thoughts on “Thoughts…and happy parents

  1. I so agree with the above. Little things can make you happy and happiness doesn’t cost anything. Great article 🙂

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