Before Beyond Birth – Launch Event 20th January

We had a great, interactive and informative Launch Event at Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic.

Thank you all for coming, it was lovely to see you there, both new and familiar faces.

The aim of our launch was to give you an introduction and feel to what BBB is about and what is going to happen this year in our upcoming seminars. We had all the team introducing themselves and what they will be presenting at our seminars this year.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming seminar this year…


Elisabeth Berg Simmenes. Founder, Chiropractor and Baby Massage Instructor


Barbara Smith, Midwife and Lactation Consultant


Francielle Perez, Nutritionist and Chef


BBB Launch Elizabeth .png
Elizabeth Nadine, Pilates and Yoga Teacher
BBB Helen Merati .png
Helen Merati, Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach and Independent Consultant with Arbonne
BBB Amie.png
Amie Stopppard, Doula and Hyp-birth teacher



“Fab event! A Fantastic array of practitioners working closely together”


“Lots of interesting information and lovely to meet such a friendly group. Thank you!”


“Great introduction to the program the ladies are offering. The topics are exactly what I think will be relevant for my baby and I (when she eventually arrives). I will be signing up to the monthly seminars”



“A wonderful team covering all the relevant information I will need to know during and after my pregnancy. Thank you to all the team! I look forward to the next ones”

Before Beyond Birth gift bag

Light refreshments made by our Nutritionist Francielle Perez



Photos from the Launch event taken by our Photographer Ashleigh Shea


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