The greatest wealth is health

“It’s too expensive”…the-greatest-wealth-is-health

…is a phrase I hear a lot. In this blog my aim is to encourage parents to think. About what they prioritise and value most.

In recent years the health (and happiness) of my family has become more of an intentional priority. Eating organic, getting educated about nutrition and movement, and watching what products we use on our skin are some of the ways we’re adopting healthier habits.

I see so many families, including my own, affected by disease and I want to help prevent that in whatever way I can. I’m neither a clinician nor an expert on disease prevention but I am a public health professional with a keen interest in health promotion. And there is enough robust evidence around to demonstrate how lifestyle factors of our generation, compared to those of our grandparents, are taking their toll on incidence of cancers, heart disease, mental health and more.

Reviewing this evidence and considering it alongside my role as a mum has motivated me to study more about individual health and our environment.

One of the health promotion roles that I’ve been enjoying in recent years is being an independent consultant with Arbonne. My role is to educate people about the personal care and nutrition products they use, and to promote Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial range of vegan products. I decided to switch to Arbonne as I wanted reassurance that the products I use for my family are safe and actively contributing to our health. Our products are at a higher price point than those you would find in economy retail brands because they contain the highest quality ingredients.

And I often hear people say “I can’t afford it” or “it’s too expensive”. Not necessarily in the context of Arbonne specifically but when considering switching to organic foods or higher quality personal care products. We all say these things at different points in time, and sometimes without having thought these statements through.

I prefer to turn these phrases around as I believe we can’t afford NOT to buy organic. And we all know that it’s far more expensive TREATING rather than PREVENTING disease.

We’re privileged to have choice in the UK. We do have organic foods available in addition to the pesticide laden non-organic foods. A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has shown that organic food contains much higher levels of nutrients and far lower levels of toxic heavy metals than non-organic food. We can also buy grass-fed meat and wild as opposed to farmed fish, that don’t contain the antibiotic residues mainstream produce does. Yes these better quality products are marginally more expensive. However if everyone made a conscious decision to influence policy with their purse (the most effective way!!), demand for organic produce would rise and the price would fall for everyone, and our beautiful planet would have a better chance of surviving. Similarly, if everyone opted for ‘clean’ products that don’t harm our bodies and water reserves, it would mean better health for all.

So in this blog I’m advocating for parents to consider what value they place on their own and their children’s health. Consider what you’re putting into and onto yourself and your children. Buy organic and look at product ingredients. This article provides a good summary of what to look out for. Consider how we prioritise our spending and think about the wider impact. Look at the quality of food and products you buy regularly for your family and compare this to what you spend on your children for example at Christmas or birthdays. Imagine if we all reduced – even marginally – our spending in non-essential areas, and instead bought organic foods and pure, safe personal care products – we’d be investing in our children’s health, our health, and the health of our struggling planet.

To your health,


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