Meet the team


Elisabeth Cooper, Founder, Chiropractor and Baby Massage Instructor

Elisabeth is a chiropractor and baby massage instructor at The Woodland Chiropractic Clinic in Borough Green, Sevenoaks. She loves to manage and give advice on a variety of conditions related to pregnancy and parenthood. She specialises in helping pregnant patients achieve a more comfortable pregnancy and birth. From there helping newborns and children to reach their best potential with safe and gentle chiropractic care. Read more here


Helen Merati, Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach

Helen aims to work with her clients in a supportive, nurturing way and is keen to help them work out what they want from their lives, consider how their holistic health goals can support that, and then work with them to achieve those goals. Read more here

Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith,  International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Midwife

Barbara is covering South East London and North Kent. She can provide you with support, encouragement and up-to-date information to enable you to breastfeed your baby confidently and successfully. Read more here

Amie Stoppard

Amie Stoppard, Doula and Hypnobirthing Teacher

Amie is a mum of three daughters. She believes that being relaxed and confident in pregnancy and during labour can help you as a mother have a more gentle experience, wherever and however you choose to birth. Amie provides 121 or group sessions to teach you breathing and visualisation techniques to help you achieve a more calm and positive birth experience. Read more here 




Ashleigh Shea, Newborn and Maternity Photographer

Ashleigh is a photographer in Orpington, Bromley specialising in newborn photography, whilst newborns are her special interest, she also follows their journey to sitting, 1st year & beyond. Ashleigh has trained with two newborn photography specialists in order to be able to safely handle & pose the gorgeous babies that visit her studio. Read more here


Sandy Rowe, Personal Trainer and Sports Masseuse

Sandy has a diverse background in training at a high level for a variety of sports including triathlon, cycling, running, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing and climbing. She has experience working with both ante and post-natal mums, ensuring that they exercise safely and effectively to achieve their goals. Read more here


Francielle Perez, Nutritionist and former chef

Francielle enjoys a healthy lifestyle. As a mother, a wife and a nutrition practitioner, she is deeply passionate about great quality food and a strong advocate of the benefits of a healthy eating habits for the whole family – starting from pregnancy and the early stage of life. Read more here

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